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Rising Star

This award is designed to recognise emerging talent and is open to women who have already made a mark in business, and are also ‘women to watch’ in terms of future contribution. The winning entrant might be a future leader, or already head of a team; she could be just starting out in business, forming her own company, or quickly rising through the ranks. The judges will be looking for examples as evidence, either through their activities or achievements which they have brought about for themselves or others. This can be submitted by the nominee herself, or as testimonials from colleagues.

Enlightened Employer

Judges are seeking nominations from, or on behalf of, companies of any size that have shown exceptional commitment to gender equality in the workplace. They will be able to demonstrate a forward-thinking, proactive and creative approach to enabling women to realise their full potential. This could include taking action in areas such as recruitment, employee recognition and development, flexible working, helping women returning to the workplace or any other ways of creating a positive and inclusive workplace culture which enables women to excel.

Champion of Change

This award recognises both women and men who have demonstrated their ability and commitment to raising the value of diversity and inclusiveness in their work environment. The successful candidate will be able to show how their ability to influence or bring about cultural change in the workplace has given rise to more support for gender diversity and equality. 

Open to both men and women at any level in the business.

Board Level & Senior Executive of the Year

This award is open to women at board or senior executive level who have not only achieved personally in their organisation, but have made a significant difference to the role of women in business within and/or outside their organisation over the past 12 months. The winning candidate will have demonstrated their attitude and commitment to developing, mentoring and promoting other women in their roles in business, they may have influenced cultures and championed change in their organisations to support gender diversity and gender equality.

Start-up of the Year

This award recognises a female entrepreneurial business owner who has been in business for up to three years, and in the past 12 months has shown outstanding leadership. The business has demonstrated high levels of innovation, service, potential and offers opportunity to all.

Spotlight on women in STEM

This award recognises those women who have achieved significant success through either, science, technology, engineering and/or mathematics (STEM) in their industry, on an individual basis, or through their leadership of others. As a result of their performance, they have positively impacted their organisations and been a role model for women entering into these sectors.

Woman Business Owner of the Year

Judges are seeking nominations from entrepreneurial women who have founded and are running their own company; women who are showing exceptional abilities in leading and mentoring other women; and who have led their businesses to achieve significant results in the past year.

Role Model of the Year

Nominations for this award are made by the judges only and are selected from the nominees in the other award categories. The winner will be someone, at any level in their organisation, who has inspired, enabled or supported other women inside or outside their business in a significant way. 

Winner 2018 Women Business Owner of the Year

“ Last year I won women business owner of the year. Not only did I feel hugely proud that my team’s efforts had been recognised; but it was also an inspirational moment for my 10-year-old daughter. As a single working mum, she is fully aware of the dedication required to grow a successful business. I would urge other women to put themselves, or others forward for the 2019 awards, as framing and celebrating success not only creates positive role models for our female peers but also for our children, which is hugely important and puts our dedication in context for them”

Lauren Atkins, Managing director, The Malins Group
Highly Commended 2018 Rising Star
“Being “Highly Commended” for the Awards last year was on a personal level such a confidence boost and a big pat on the back. In terms of the impact on the Business it has boosted our credibility in the industry especially with partners and sponsors. It is really wonderful to be recognised at such a level for the work we do with women.”
Aduke Onafowokan, The Sister Sister Network

Winner 2017 – Rising Star

“Winning the Women in Business Rising Star Award has given our business and our whole team credibility – as a startup, this impacts us at every level. 

It validates our mission to safeguard young people online as relevant and worthy, as well as recognising the issues of cyber-bullying, sexting and harmful content as genuinely damaging on a global scale. 

It’s much more than that because this competition doesn’t just give out a glass trophy (which is very nice) but it takes action. It raises the profile of women like me who often have to shout louder and work harder to promote their business.  It follows through with networking meetings offering opportunities to discuss challenges and share ideas.  Finally, it offers PR and promotion through the Business Magazine within the Thames Valley and beyond.”

Sharon Pursey, CEO, SafeToNet

Winner 2017 Spotlight on Women in STEM

“Although the gender gap in the field of STEM is slowly closing, it has become a personal goal of mine to grow female participation in science and technology. At the Women in Business Awards, I saw a big group of brilliant minds that know what to do to change the future, starting now. These awards, therefore, are an important stage to showcase role models that will, hopefully, encourage the next generation of women to enter into these sectors and thrive”.

Sandra Sassow, CEO, SeaB Energy

Winner 2017 Women Business Owner of the Year

“It means so much to me to have been awarded the Business Owner of the Year 2017 award. It is great that the Women in Business awards support entrepreneurial woman business owners and the fantastic things women are doing. It was lovely to get to meet so many interesting and inspiring women at the awards and I would really encourage any entrepreneurial women to put themselves forward for recognition!”

Georgina Hurcombe, Producer/MD - LoveLove Films

Winner 2017 Enlightened Employer of the Year

“My business partner Liz Matraves and I were thrilled to win the Enlightened Employer award for 2017. It means a lot to us and our staff at In Cloud Solutions, to be recognised for something as important as looking after the needs of our people. Our USP has always been our great customer care and the fact that we are now noted for caring about our staff too means that we are sending out the right message. Women in business are often reluctant to put themselves forward for accolades but if you are considering the awards in 2018 I would say Go For It! You Deserve it!”

Caroline Atkinson, Co-Founder, InCloud Solutions

Winner 2017 Board Level & Senior Executive of the Year

I enjoyed the Women in Business Awards process tremendously both on a personal and a business level. It was an opportunity to look back and reflect on my career on what I have achieved.  At the awards dinner I listened to and met some extraordinary women. It was highly motivating and is making me question what I want to achieve next.  Thank you so much for the opportunity.

Sara Bertin, Financial Director, Shorefield Holidays