Calling all women in leadership

There is currently a huge focus on diversity and inclusion in the workplace, covering topics such as unconscious bias in selection, equal opportunities for promotion, equal pay and so on (acas, 2017). The discourse is changing, but reliable methods to expedite diversity in the workplace are hard to come by.

Psychological tests and assessments come in many forms, measuring characteristics like your personality traits, behaviour preferences or ability with words and numbers. There are many common assumptions about gender differences in these areas: are men more assertive and better with numbers than women? Do women have higher empathy and better verbal skills?

Research has demonstrated that there are relatively small gender differences when measuring personality (Costa, Terracciano & McCrae, 2001). However, stereotypes about the characteristics of senior women at work persist. 




So, how can you help?

Thomas International, a global provider of psychometric assessments will be conducting a comparative study to explore the personality traits of senior female and male leaders in the UK working population. The purpose of this analysis is to identify whether women and men have similar, or different personality profiles that predict success in senior leadership.


Would you like to participate in this project?

We are specifically aiming this study at senior female business leaders (e.g. MD/country manager/director level). If you are willing to participate, please register your interest now (see link below) and once the project launches, a member of the Thomas team will be in touch with more details and to invite you to complete one of our assessments; the High Potential Trait Indicator. You will also be eligible to receive a free feedback session on the assessments you completed (Total RRP. of £230).


And then…?

Once the study closes, the Thomas psychology team will conduct a statistical analysis of the data to explore the relationship between personality, leadership and whether there are any significant differences based on gender. The psychology team will author a narrative report of their observations and include recommendations for the use of personality tools in the context of supporting gender diversity in senior leadership.

When the research is finalised and published, you will receive a copy.


How do I register to be involved?

If you would like to participate in our research, register your interest using the link below:


Who are Thomas International

Thomas International is a global champion of the people assessment industry. Having been at the forefront of assessment innovation since 1981, we provide people-focused solutions in 56 languages and have a presence in over 60 countries. Today, we are working with over 32,000 organisations and 300,000 trained Thomas users worldwide to develop people, teams and cultures within business, education and sport.


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Costa, P.T., Terracciano, A., and McCrae, R.R., (2001), Gender Differences in Personality Traits Across Cultures: Robust and Surprising Findings, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. Vol. 81. No.2. 322-331.\