Made in the UK, with a Danish design, the Snoooze pillow is a new product which travel writers call ‘such a clever idea’.

The brainchild of Ann Sjøgreen Sanger, a Danish designer, the Snoooze travel pillow was created after many years of poor sleep on lumpy hotel pillows.

Sanger worked with scientists, sleep experts and leading UK manufacturers to create a travel pillow that creates a sense of home away from home.

The Snoooze pillow has been designed with a special zip feature which allows the pillow to be compressible, so it takes less space in a bag or suitcase, but also expands once unzipped and fluffed up, providing great comfort and support.

This makes the Snoooze pillow the perfect travel companion. Just pop it into your luggage and enjoy a wonderful night’s sleep.

After working as a designer in the fashion industry for over two decades, Sanger had an idea in January 2018: what if she could find a pillow soft enough to give her that longed-for sense of home? She soon realised she would have to make such a product herself…

She explained: “We wanted to create a product that you could fold up easily into a travel bag, but that was also as comfortable as the pillow you left at home.”

Sanger pitched her idea later that year and received an ‘overwhelmingly positive’ response.

The pillow was launched in January and is on sale in Case Luggage in Piccadilly, Heathrow and Gatwick, as well as Illums Bolighus at Copenhagen Airport Kastrup, with more stores coming soon.

The company, Snooozeworld, is now expanding into other products, including coloured pillowcases, a silk sleep mask and a ‘mini Snoooze’ pillow.

Instagram: @snooozeworld