The development of digitisation and AI is rapidly changing the requirements needed in the workplace. Following our pivot to focus on conversational AI and immersive customer experiences, we’re creating a demand for a range of brand-new skill sets, writes Volume.AI.

Developing a culture of innovation is core to our success and our partnership with Activate Learning has given us the opportunity to work closely with a cohort of budding technologists at Reading College. We were lucky enough to tailor lesson plans to our clients’ demands – giving students a taste of a real-life project and the process we would follow.

The students were put into mini teams and given insight into the roles, skills and responsibilities required to deliver immersive solutions and conversational AI chatbots. Their final projects were judged and a lucky six students were invited to a two-day intensive work placement here at our Digital Campus in Wokingham.

Over the two days, students worked closely with client services, tech and creative on a live brief for one of our clients. They then presented their final ideas back to the business.

Gemma Hood, COO at Volume, said: The placement provided a perfect opportunity for students to learn about different functions of our business and what skills are required to deliver everything we do. We hope these two days opened their eyes and inspired them to consider a career in technology.

This was followed by Sandra Draganoiu, account director at Volume: “A bright, willing, and engaged group of students that exceeded our expectations. The fresh thinking provided a completely different perspective.’ 

As we continue on our mission to close the skills gap, we hope these initiatives will inspire more women to consider a career in technology. We look forward to seeing how our partnership with Activate Learning progresses.

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