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Inspiring a future workforce

The development of digitisation and AI is rapidly changing the requirements needed in the workplace. Following our pivot to focus on conversational AI and immersive customer experiences, we’re creating a demand for a range of brand-new skill sets, writes Volume.AI. […]

Sky awards £125,000 to five new Women in Technology Scholars

Sky has announced its second cohort of Women in Technology Scholars, awarding five talented women a total of £125,000 to accelerate a business idea which harnesses technology innovation. The winners are a diverse mix of ages and industry experience however, they share a desire to use technology to bring about [...]

Tamsin’s Take – August 2019

How is your summer? After much deliberation I am thrilled to announce the finalists for this year’s Women in Business Awards taking place on October 3 at Oakley Court Hotel, Windsor. […]

RAWtalks – The Power of You series

Closing the Confidence Gap…time to lean in to the POWER of YOU. An inspirational and empowering couple of hours for you as a woman of influence to experience insights in to how to Get On in your career or business […]

Viva la tech

Two of Volume’s female role models, Gemma Hood (Chief Operating Officer) and Hannah Evans (Head of Innovation Strategy), took to the stand at the VivaTech event in Paris and represented the company as one of the most innovative in the UK. […]

Partnership formed to promote women in technology

As a leader in conversational artificial intelligence (AI), immersive experiences and humanoid robotics, Volume is proud to partner with Women in Business – creating the right talent pipeline, with the right skills, for future roles in tech. […]